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Vesselfinder is an application that shows ships that are currently moving on the seas and oceans. Anyone interested in ships and the routes they cover should be familiar with the options offered by Vesselfinder – Free Ship Tracking. Vesselfinder makes it possible for anyone to track ships in real time. The application is extremely simple, so no one will have a problem with Vesselfinder. The map available with Vesselfinder free ship tracking shows both ships in motion and ships moored in the port. Vesselfinder is a map with which you can control the movement of ships. Anyone can check which water region or port is the most crowded at any given time.

What is the Vesselfinder app?

Vesselfinder is an application that collects information on the location of ships. The ship tracking application is completely free. Anyone can use it without incurring any additional costs. Most importantly, Vesselfinder allows you to track ships live. Therefore, more and more people are willing to use it. Apart from the fact that thanks to Vesselfinder it is possible to track the routes of individual ships on the map, this application also provides users with other information.

When starting your adventure with Vesselfinder, it is worth knowing about a few things. First of all, to start tracking a ship, just click on any marker on the map, then information about that particular ship will appear on the left side. In addition to the name and type of the ship, a photo of the ship is also visible. However, if you are interested in a specific ship, but you have problems finding it on the map, you can enter the ship’s name or MMSI or IMC number in the upper right corner of the search box and information about the ship you are looking for will be displayed, along with its marking on the map. Using „+” and „-” you can zoom in and out of the map, so you can easily zoom in and observe only a certain part of the water.

Vesselfinder – what information can I get?

Vesselfinder free ship tracking provides every user with detailed information about the ship, year of construction and size. You can write down the IMO and MMSI numbers and the next time you are interested in this ship, just enter one of the numbers in the search field and you will find out where it is at the moment. You can easily find out about the destination of the ship and the ports visited so far. In addition, there is information about the ship’s course, speed, current draft. The Vesselfinder free ship tracking app also allows you to map your ship. Thanks to this feature, you can trace the ship’s route from the port it departed from to the destination port.

Each Vesselfinder user has the option to enter the details, where even more information will be displayed, e.g. the exact coordinates of the ship. It is not necessary to create an account to obtain all of the above data. You can start your adventure with Vesselfinder and ship tracking at any time. In the Vesselfinder application, it is also possible to add photos, but this function is only available to logged in users.

However, if someone is not interested in ships at sea, and you are curious about the situation in a specific port, this function is also available in Vesselfinder. The map will show all ships moored in the port and those that are just entering it. After zooming in on the map to a given port, the anchor icon is also visible, and after clicking on it, detailed information about a specific port is displayed. Users using this function will learn about the exact coordinates of the port, its size and type, as well as the size of ships that can moor in this port.

AIS vessel finder

Anyone can use the AIS vessel finder application, the more that the application is very easy to use. If you have a device with Internet access, you can start your adventure with ship tracking. Traveling by ship is becoming more and more popular, and thanks to the AIS vessel finder application, you can track whether your loved ones are moored in port or where they are at any given moment. When you start playing with AIS vessel finder, you can focus only on the seas and assessments and what ships enter the ports of Bristol. You will quickly get information about what dads have moored in Brisian harbors, what they are entering from, where they are sailing from and at what speed. When using the AIS vessel finder application, users have a free hand and decide for themselves what they will observe at a given moment, whether they will focus on the ships that enter the port or those that leave, or maybe it will be more interesting to observe ships sailing on the oceans.

The AIS vessel finder application is aimed at hobbyists and people who want to spend their free time in an interesting way.